“Let’s Stick Together” Magical Mosaic Engages All

This November,  RMS Librarian Nicolle Tenters launched a unique project that both excited and intrigued learners and educators school-wide. Students were given stickers by their teachers for academic excellence, good behavior, helpfulness, etc. and were able to place the colorful stickers on a template displayed on a board near the library. Each sticker had a letter associated with it to aid the students as they placed their sticker on the mosaic. The activity fostered an atmosphere of teamwork, comradery and fun.

The project took just 13 days to complete. Ms. Tenters shared the process, “I explained the idea to all the kids during library class, and then they worked on it from the classrooms. Kids really seemed to love watching it come together.  We took guesses from teachers and kids. Four teachers guessed correctly after only four days.”

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