Marty Kelly Visits Rindge Memorial School

Rindge Memorial School showcased their warm hospitality as they welcomed the beloved children’s author, Marty Kelley, for a school visit. In the weeks leading up to Kelley’s arrival, students read his books, prepared cards & bulletin boards and created in-depth projects. First Grade Teacher, Robyn Sall, and her students created a book inspired by Kelley’s The Messiest Desk. Students penned an ABC version of the book describing the messiest thing possible for each letter of the alphabet. Students were excited to present Kelley with a copy of their book.

Courtney Lambert and her Kindergarten class used Kelley’s Spring Goes Squish as their inspiration to create an audio-visual version of this playful book. Each student was given a section of the book to illustrate and create a voice recording for. Their efforts culminated in a delightful tribute slideshow.

Kelley shared his writing process with students while conveying the importance of persistence. Students learned that he received 18 rejection letters before he published his latest series. Kelley also shared the feelings of frustration he felt when he was asked to complete numerous revisions of his artwork. He gave the powerful message of not giving up when an idea does not work out the first time.

Teachers were recruited to be actively involved in four presentation sessions. They were charged with selecting four students who had each developed a VERY creative idea. Kelley honored each student by creating a caricature portrait of the student and their creative idea. These portraits along with other photos and a video of Kelley presenting to the preschool can be viewed at Library Media Specialist Nicolle Tenters’s webpage.

Kimberly Sychterz