JRMS Inventors Learn Perseverance


Is it possible that our community could be fostering one of the world’s next great inventors? In November, sixth graders began exploring problems that require a solution. Students analyzed the problems and brainstormed invention solutions. After months of trial and error, students celebrated their final inventions by displaying them at the January 18th Invention Convention.

In preparation for the invention convention, sixth grade teachers Shauna Smith, Laura Harding, David Anderson, Shawn Zito, Peg Greene and Deseree Hubbard encouraged students to embrace the challenge of inventing.  Students learned to analyze their invention mishaps and redesign them. Students were given the opportunity to persevere through the refinement of their inventions.

The Invention Convention featured over 70 fully inclusive student projects. The Conant Cafeteria was packed with students’ families and community members. Student inventions included things such as Flavored Tongue Depressors, a Climb N’ Slide and an Affirmation Monkey.

SAU 47 Assistant Superintendent Dave Beauchamp, School Board Member Charles Eicher, JRMS Principal Rob Clark, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Misty McBrierty, JGS teacher Mathew Harris, CHS teacher Margie Clark-Kevan, JRMS teachers Margaret Barney and Amy Bosse, Infinity teacher Marcea Gustafson, Millipore Corporation engineers Chris Ratcliffe and Kyle Gagnon and engineer David Hubbard judged the competition. Judges recognized student inventors in three categories: Overall, Judges Choices and Speciality. Award winners are now eligible to attend the Northern New England Regional Invention Convention on March 25 at Southern New Hampshire University!

Tied for 1st Place:

  • Maya Pressman:Scout (Help Dogs with Hip Dysplasia)
  • Eli Sawyer:Climb N’ Slide (Kids tree for ladder that turns into a slide pole)

Tied for 2nd Place:

  • Jade Patterson: Scrunge Glove
  • Dylan Huard: Heated Deck
  • Abby Quill: The Chrome Wire Divider

Tied for 3rd  Place:

  • Skyler Ketola:The Bucket Strap
  • Mia Boyd: Shower Power

Judges Choices:

  • Kaylee Hoey-Perron: The Bed Exterminator to help people make their beds
  • Megan Miller: Wiper Gloves


Specialty Awards:  

  • Environmental Award - Acelin McIntyre: The Slime Rejuvenator
  • Fun & Leisure Award - Hayden Rowland: Skid Plate for Bikes
  • Practical and Useful Award - Dylan Huard: Heated Deck
  • Original and Unique Award -  Eli Sawyer: Climb N’ Slide Ladder for Tree Houses
  • Medical Award -  Maya Pressman: Hip Harness for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia
  • Challenge Award - Skye Lee Gauthier: Duck Pond Heater
  • Inventors’ Choice Award - Abby Quill:  Voted Best Invention by Peers
Kimberly Sychterz