Mr. Chapman's students participate in the Pringle STEM challenge

Mr. Chapman's Jaffrey Grade School students are trying not to crunch Pringle chips. The Pringle challenge is a national STEM activity focused on the design of protective packaging. Students work in groups to design a packaging system that will safely ship a single Pringle chip across the country.

Braeden explains the Pringle challenge.

Mr. Chapman's students have tested their packaging systems and will soon be mailing their chips to a school in Michigan. Students will soon receive packages of Pringles shipped from another school. Students will score the Pringle shipments by the package's volume, weight and the condition of the chip upon arrival.  Learn more at:

The results are in...

Teams were scored on the "intactness" of their chip and the size and design of packaging. 

(100 points is a perfect chip)

Shadow Nights: a very small chip, so we gave it 90 points instead of 100 or 50.  Overall: 1.491

Smarties: 95 points for the same reason as Shadow Nights. Overall: 0.42

The Fate of the Night: Intactness-5 points. Overall: 5.802

The Smarters: Intactness- 100 points Overall: 0.549

Night Howlers: Intactness- 100 points Overall: 2.112

Team Awesome: Intactness- 100 points Overall: 139.476

Kimberly Sychterz