Motion, Forces & Energy, MOS visits JGS

On Wednesday, October 23, Jaffrey Grade School hosted a Traveling Program from the Boston Museum of Science.  The museum and its generous sponsors offer “scholarships” to regional schools, which meant the JGS visit was provided free of charge.  The program was designed to meet third grade science standards, so three classes had the opportunity to experience “Motion, Forces & Energy.”  The engaging presentation was a fantastic introduction to topics that will be covered more in-depth within the classrooms. The program engages many students in the demonstrations. Scarlett Castiglioni was impressed when two students moved a platform forward “It was cool watching Caitlyn and Jude ‘high five’. It worked because more force equals more motion.” Kaedrin Pelkey noted “Having less mass can make something move farther and faster.” In addition to the overview of physical science concepts and vocabulary, students had opportunities to make predictions and observe scientific principles in action.  Highlights included students riding a cart propelled by a giant bungee cord and lifting a teacher from the floor using a giant simple machine model.

This was the first time JGS hosted the Museum of Science and it was a great success.  We look forward to their next visit on November 7, when they will do a presentation on States of Matter for fifth grade students.  

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