Jaffrey Grade School Talent Show

During the last week of school Jaffrey Grade School hosted one its most beloved traditions, the JGS Talent Show. The auditorium was packed with parents and members of the community to watch and enjoy the Dr. Seuss themed nineteen act show.


The Talent Show has been in existence for over twenty-four years. With the support of Student Council advisors Mrs. Springfield and Mr. Pelletier student council has run the talent show for the past twelve years. Sixteen student council representatives from third through fifth grade served as talent show audition judges. Judges sent the top scoring acts on to perform for the community. This year 5th grade representatives, Mia Boyd, Maya Pressman, Lilly Tullio and Alex Cummings, emceed the event and infused additional Dr. Suess spirit dressed as Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 2 1/2 and The Cat in the Hat.


The evening opened with Gumboot stepping by  Hannah Manley, Lucy Dupuis, Bailey Middleton, Ben Sawyer and Alex Humphrey. Students incorporated bells (symbolic of chains) with their stepping to pay homage to the South African mine slaves that developed Gumboot stepping as a form of silent communication. Other highlights from the talent show included grade level performances and the clarinets. Congratulations students and staff on another entertaining evening brimming with student talent!


Talent Show Acts:

  • Riptide - Patricia Laura
  • The Clarinet Company - Neve Mormondo, Lola Hayes, Quinn Kelly, Emrin Vitello, Ella Boyd, Willow Middleton, and Mr. Chapman                    
  • Cat and Bat - Annelise Medders and Warren Medders
  • Sashay Doughnut - Mrs. Springfield’s 4th Grade
  • Break My Stride - Lilly Tullio and Addy Cummings
  • The Cha Cha Slide- The Mackettes
  • The Singing Saxophones - Jenna Bailey, Rachel DeWees, Maggie Lennon, and Mr. Chapman
  • Puppet Jokes - John Matthews
  • Girl in the Mirror - Girl Power Club  
  • On and On - Choreographed by Mrs. Cooper’s 3rd Grade
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling - Isabella Rowland, Lily Mormondo
  • Dance to  Closer-Christina Roeun and Allies Sisombath  
  • The Gad Ukes Singers - Mr. Harris’ and Mrs Long’s classes  
  • Bizaardvark Theme -Maya Pressman and Patricia Laura
  • Wide Awake  dance- Izzy Rollins
  • Try Everything-Sign Language Club
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling - Kaylee and Ms. Sorrentino’s class
  • Camp Skit - Mia Boyd, Lilly Tullio, Maya Pressman, Grace Lewis, Megan Newton, Eva Boyd and Kritika Aryal

Photos courtesy of Susan Shaw-Sarles, Nancy Springfield and Bridget Wold. Thank you!

Kimberly Sychterz