Media Literacy at JGS

FPU Students Bring Media Literacy To Jaffrey Grade School


Heather Tullio and her Franklin Pierce University students presented a series of media literacy activities to JGS fifth graders. Media literacy is currently in the forefront of relevant topics given the increased time children spend on various forms of media. The FP students reminded the fifth graders that two hours or less per day of recreational screen time is recommended.  The fifth graders brainstormed that when they put down their screens, they can play outside, read a book, write a story, or do arts-n-crafts.

Tullio and her students created a series of activities focused on issues that arise when interfacing with modern media. The activities included a game show focused on being skeptical of ads, making media literacy posters, and writing out everyday kindnesses and putting them into a paper chain to hang in the classroom. Tullio and eight to ten of her students ran the workshop with the fifth grade classes of Mr. Harris, Ms. Jordan and Ms. Dostilio.  

The FP students prepared for over one month for the media literacy unit.  A total of 58 students from Tullio's Communication, Media & Society and Visual Design classes contributed to the unit. Tullio is an Associate Professor of Communication at FPU and parent of two former JGS students.

Kimberly Sychterz