JGS Activities and Clubs

JGS offers a variety of activities throughout the year to extend learning beyond the hours of a traditional school day.  Below you will find club descriptions, as well as permission slips for clubs currently enrolling.  Please check the JGS NOTES each week for specific information regarding sign up deadlines and schedule changes.

Clubs Currently Accepting Permission Slips

JGS Band Programs, Clay Club, Painting Club, and Destination Imagination are currently accepting permission forms. Students may pick up permission slips at the locations indicated in JGS Notes, or request them in the main office.

Activity Descriptions (Ongoing activities)

JGS Band Programs: Beginners and Big Band, Grades 4 and 5

Learn to play an instrument. Rehearsals are scheduled during the school day from 8:25-8:55. Permission slips are sent home with students. Instrument rental night is Wednesday, October 2 from 6:00 - 7:00 pm, during Open House. Instruments are rented from Rousseau’s Music.

Teacher: Kerri McCormack



Grades 3-5

Rehearse music to present at concerts and community events.

Teacher: Kerri McCormack


Destination Imagination

Grades 3-5

The team works on a problem solving challenge and prepares a skit for a regional competition. Participants are selected through try-outs. Permission slips may be picked up outside of Mrs. Wold’s office.

Team Manager: Bridget Wold


Homework Club 

Grades 3-5

Successful completion of homework in a structured stress-free setting.

Teachers: Nancy Springfield, Trisha Layfield


Student Council

Grades 3-5

Class representatives discuss and plan school events or programs. Participants are chosen through an election process.

Advisors: Nancy Springfield, Eliot Pelletier


ACTIVITY DESCRIPTIONS (Short Sessions of 4-8 weeks)

Specific offerings change annually. Below are clubs being offered during the current school year.

Animation Club

Grades 4-5

Learn to combine art and technology to design and produce a short animated movie.

Teacher: Mary Giandalone


Clay Club

Grades 3-5

Hand-building, coiling, sculpture, and clay slab.

Teacher: Mary Giandalone


Moving In The Morning

Grades K-5

Enjoy walking, stretching, dancing, and a variety of games to get focused and feel great for the beginning of the school day.

Teachers:  Ann Wheeler, Jay Jobin


Garden Club

Grades K-5

There are several garden areas at JGS and all need tender loving care throughout the year.  Students and parents help spruce up and maintain our garden areas.  

Teacher:  Patricia Layfield

Drawing Club

Grades 3-5

Pencil, charcoal, ink and watercolor drawing techniques.

Teacher: Mary Giandalone


 Inquiry Club/Junior Scholars

Grades 4-5

This club is in conjunction with Franklin Pierce University.  Students identify and explore areas of personal interest and then create a project to show what they have learned.

Teachers: Marianne Sorrentino, TBA


Math Club

Grade 4-5, Grades 2-3 (2 different sessions)

Games and activities to build skills and confidence in math.

Teachers: Patty Long, Nancy Springfield


Painting Club

Grades 3-5

Watercolor, pastel, and acrylic painting techniques.

Teacher: Mary Giandalone


Girls Rock!

Grades 4-5

This year long club will focus on strengths and healthy lifestyles, empowering girls in education and social skills.

Teacher:  Morgan Cooper


Shakespeare Club

Grades 3, 4, and 5

Students will develop acting skills by practicing and performing plays by William Shakespeare.

Teachers:  Morgan Cooper



Solar Car Club

Grade 5

Students will design and build a car that runs on solar power.

Teachers:  Matt Harris, Eliot Pelletier