In-Depth With Infinity

Infinity aims to work with teachers to provide flexible provision, within an inclusive framework which sets out to provide appropriate teaching and learning opportunities for all students. Our students need to have the opportunity to be involved in deep and rigorous learning, enrichment and extension activities and receive support in order to achieve their full potential, and raise their aspirations and attainment by developing and supporting their:

We will strive to create individual learner profiles which identify each student strengths and needs, and provides guidance for appropriate support for each learner.  A variety of tools and strategies will be used to create the learning profiles.  The curriculum will take into account the needs of all students through differentiation, extension, enrichment and acceleration, making use of all available expertise. 

Differentiation will be built into our curriculum planning through:

In response to the students’:

There will be a commitment to developing extension and enrichment materials which:

  •  Allow individual responses
  •  Encourage creativity and imagination
  •  Satisfy developmental stage rather than chronological age
  •  Stress process rather than content

Differentiated homework will be made available when appropriate and other activities to complement our curriculum may include:

  •  Opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills
  •  Where appropriate some pupils may be accelerated through a course
  •  Development of a resource base of extension and enrichment activities