3 Conant Way
Jaffrey, NH 03452
Phone: (603) 532-8131
Fax: (603) 532-8164



  • David Reilly, Facilities Manager - x247

  • William Rose, Head Custodian

  • Brian Lloyd, Maintenance Technician

  • Jeremy Baird, Grounds / Maintenance Technician

Custodial Staff

  • Timothy Weston

  • Charles Deschenes

  • David Caswell

  • Denise Sheldon

  • Gary Duquette

  • Jennifer Rodgers

  • Jeanne Denihan

  • Lester Foote

  • Mary Jane Durdin

  • Raymond Donnelly

  • Robert McDanel

  • Roland Spencer

  • Sandra Ahern

  • Sandra Watrous

  • Susan Lavoie

  • William Mungovan

Energy Conservation Committee

Jeffrey Clark-KevaN

Margaret Dillon

Reuben Duncan

Christopher Kintz

Patricia Martin

Dwight Schenk

Harry Young

Energy Reports:


Facilities Work Order

Click the link below
Enter 978910019 for the Organization Account Number
Click the Submit Organization Button
Enter your full district email address
Click the Submit Button
Click on Schedule Request tab
Enter request
If the location you are interested is not available to select, you will need to contact the building administrator.

Request the use of a facility for a school sponsored event.

Login by entering user name and password

Enter information into the "scheduled" or "request" an event screen

Request the use of a facility for a non-district sponsored event.

Request for Use of School Facilities (including regulations and fee schedule)

The use of all school facilities and grounds for all non-district sponsored events must be requested at least fourteen (14) school days in advance of the event.


Fees will be charged based upon the following classifications:

Category 0

• Fees: no charge for facility rentals or custodial services.

• Including, but not limited to: school curricular and co-curricular groups (athletic events, school concerts, drama, chorus, school dances)


• Fees: no charge for facility rentals or custodial service during regular custodial hours.

• Including, but not limited to: community education, support groups (PTO, boosters), town departments (recreation, town meetings and elections), activities which are judged by the superintendent to be purely charitable or exclusively public service oriented for the benefit of Jaffrey and/or Rindge residents.


• Fees: no charge for facility rental, but charges will be made for custodial services beyond the regular custodial work week and for technical support for the rental of the auditorium.

• Including, but not limited to: non-profit and youth organizations (scouts), service groups, religious (church services/Sunday school), Category 1 organizations that charge admission fees, require a participation fee or require a donation for entry. Organizations may be asked to provide proof of non-profit status, such as 501(c)3 certificate.


• Fees: facility rental, plus charges for custodial service.

• Including, but not limited to: all private, for profit organizations (private tutoring, exercise classes)



The Jaffrey-Rindge School District permits responsible individuals or organizations the use of school buildings and grounds to the extent that there is no interference with educational programs. All organizations or individuals interested in using school buildings or grounds must adhere to policies and procedures established by the Jaffrey-Rindge School Board.