Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO’s) at Conant High School are opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills through study outside the traditional classroom.



An ELO is an opportunity to design your own educational experience that is meaningful and relevant to you. It provides you with a variety of stimulating and challenging pathways you can take to explore and achieve your learning. ELO’s are taken as elective credit toward graduation. You can earn .25 cr, .50 cr or 1.0 cr.  An ELO must have specific objectives aligned with the CCSS and meet or exceed the proficiencies and skills identified by the NH State Board of Education.

What is required of me if I do an ELO?

If you choose to do an ELO, then you will be asked to: 1. Identify an area that you are interested in researching. 2. Throughout your learning process you will be asked to reflect on what you are learning. 3. Design and create a product that you feel best represents your learning. 4. Make a presentation to a panel that may be comprised of educators, community members, peers & family.

Who can do an ELO?

Anyone can do an ELO. Whether you are looking for something the school doesn’t currently offer, to explore a career opportunity, need a credit for graduation, or want an opportunity to learn in a hands-on way, an ELO can help you in achieving your goals. To learn more about an ELO, read through the ELO tri-fold and set up an appointment at the Counseling Office.


Abby Hampson

The purpose of this ELO was for me to deeply explore the writing and performance of plays.  This ELO had 2  parts. Look closely at the language used and its effectiveness.Think about what acting techniques best portray the story using a balance between language, motion and emotion. 

I accomplished this by:Interviewing professional actors I met at the Canadian Shakespeare Festival. Reading the author’s original works, as well as critiques of their works. Practicing acting techniques. Exploring different emotions that the text portray.

Hayden Rothermel

My plans for my future include working for my family's business, which is landscaping & home repairs. Working alongside my Dad, I learned the skills required for construction, - measuring, figuring out angles, square footage, as well as other math problems. I kept a log of my hours worked, which also detailed the skills I used, as well as records of classes and workshops I took, as well as trade shows I attended. I felt this was a very useful learning experience for me.

Shanleigh Bosse

My ELO goal was to help middle school students develop better acting skills in time for the Shakespeare Festival. I have noticed over the years that the middle school students seem to get quieter when performing at the Shakespeare festival and their words get jumbled and sound the same. I wanted to change that. I did this by helping the students improve their vocal (projection) skills and pronunciation skills. I presented them with exercises to practice both at home and during practice. I gathered exercises and games that they can practice. I think that this ELO has helped me improve my own drama skills too.