ILC & Compass Greenhouse Project

Students from the Compass program and the ILC eagerly awaited fair weather to begin construction on two greenhouses. Why? Space was becoming limited for their ILC / Compass plant sale program. This led to a wonderful idea. The students would design and build two greenhouses to grow plants for the community.

Students addressed learning objectives and class credit while designing and building this project. Students also worked toward the mastery of  the mathematical and trade skills required to build the greenhouses. Students developed a comparative cost analysis to determine if they should purchase materials from Belletetes or Home Depot. Belletetes put forth the cheapest estimate on materials.

Materials arrived at Conant one week after the order. Students assembled into two teams to organize and prepare the materials for construction. Team captains made sure teammates were on task and communicating with one another. CHS’s Emily Goodman emphasized the communication skills students acquired from the project. "I think there were a lot of students that did not know how to communicate. This project helped them come out of their bubble."

CHS sophomore, Jason Gates, “We really wanted to build something that the school could use and the community could use.” Students plan to build future greenhouses for the elementary schools. CHS teacher Kathy Pendergast summed up the project with, I am so proud of our students.”

Kimberly Sychterz