Ambitious and Focused: School Board Goals for 2018-2019

The goals are a guide and help board members and school leaders to develop and maintain momentum to ensure educational excellence and healthy school communities.

According to Board Chair Laurel McKenzie, 2014-15 school year was the first to incorporate Board goals.  “The primary motivator for our goals is to provide the best education for the students in our district. We try to develop goals that are measurable, so we can assess how we are doing as the year progresses.  Many of our goals take more than one year to achieve (i.e. the capital improvements plan, which has been a board goal for at least four years). States McKenzie. She continued “Superintendent Duncan and his administrative team use the school board goals to inform the goals they set for the year, to align the work they do with the work the board hopes to achieve.  Working toward common goals helps ensure success, and avoids folks working at cross purposes.”

McKenzie noted that the Board assess itself annually, in May and June.  The process for the new year includes the self-assessment as a starting point for the formulation of the next year's goals.  “The 2018-2019 goals committee (Alison Bergeron, John McCarthy and Charlie Eicher) brought forward a thoughtful set of goals that included a focus on communication.  The board was pleased to adopt those goals with some minor edits at our last school board meeting.”

The Board goals are posted on the SAU #47 website via this link.

SAU47 Website