Safety Upgrades Underway

School districts throughout the United States have been reevaluating safety protocols, campus and building designs, and school culture in the past few years given trends in violence in learning environments. JRSD has benefited from the advice of an audit conducted by Homeland Security and a local firm specializing in school security.  This feedback and recommendations from the Jaffrey Police and Fire departments has resulted a number of improvements, specifically at the JRMS/CHS campus.

David Reilly, Facilities Manager, reports that the district outlined the changes during the summer break. The school district was the beneficiary of a $64,000 grant earlier this year to make many of the improvements possible.  Security film was applied to all of the first floor windows at CHS/JRMS. This window film makes it virtually impossible to break through the windows. When applied to the existing glass and attached to the window frame it creates a shatter proof window.

Additional completed measures include the installation of internal security cameras to all of the common areas at CHS. More are planned to be installed and operational at JRMS by the end of October.

Ongoing security/safety efforts include the reworking the entrance to CHS. This new entrance will be used to limit access to CHS by ensuring visitors enter a reception area via a door in the foyer of the current entrance. Parents picking up students, students waiting for parents and any visitors will be asked to wait in this reception area rather than entering the school directly.

In addition to the physical upgrades, District representatives met with consultants to examine the safety culture at CHS/JRMS. Community safety and ensuring a positive climate for learning and personal growth is a fundamental pillar of the JRSD mission. Plans are in development for adjusting safety drills, protocols and communication outreach. More improvements can be expected throughout the next few years.

Patty Farmer