Compass Closet - Free Clothes for Teens

Several months ago Conant Compass student’s Tony Giguere, Mackenzie White, Brooke Roy, Lexi Burt and Jason Gates discussed their enjoyment of finding unique wardrobe apparel at thrift stores. This conversation blossomed into the service learning project known as the Compass Closet. Compass Closet is a free fashion-forward thrift store for teens. Students are learning economics, english and public speaking competencies while bolstering self-confidence.


After students developed their idea they began reaching out to school and local community for support. Tony explained, “We presented our idea to Mr. Pimental.” Principal Pimental highlighted the project in his monthly newsletter. Brooke explained, “We made posters and advertised on the morning announcements.” Bags of donations began pouring in from the community. Compass students transitioned their poster campaign from “Donations Wanted” to “Compass Closet Open.”


Students maintain inventory charts and create fashion displays on mannequins. Next steps for the Compass Closet include expanded marketing and a spring fashion line. The closet has fashionable name-brands and accessories and it is all FREE! Compass Closet is open during from 7-7:20am,  E Block, Lunch and from 2:15-2:40pm.

Kimberly Sychterz