Building Trades Students Raise the Barn

By: CHS Principal Larry Pimental

On the two days preceding Thanksgiving recess, both Building Trades classes had the opportunity to participate in a "Mini -Barn" raising that involved a post & beam porch addition. The students learned the basics of timber framing that involves the component parts of the structure, and the process of Mortise & Tendon Joinery in class. They then traveled to Swanzey, NH to assemble and raise the timber structure with the guidance of Mr.Moore, George Kitz, and Dave Beauchamp. The the walls and roof frame were assembled and pegged in the "Old School Tradition." As the second day came to a close, the class had enclosed most of the roof and the grand finale involved the installation of a beautiful 4' diameter window in the gable-end. Traveling back to school the crew reflected on the joy of working together on the timber frame structure.

More photos available on facebook.

Kimberly Sychterz