CHS Teachers Develop Engaging Service-Learning Program

Conant High School teachers from the Intensive Learning Center program (ILC) regularly explore opportunities to engage their student learners in relevant and meaningful learning opportunities. Prompted by students interested in working with horses Faith Jarest, Cindy Athans, Donna Goldstein and D’Ann Bartlett donned saddle shoes and drove to the Villi Poni Farm in Jaffrey NH.


The farm is a sanctuary for rare Newfoundland Ponies. It is estimated that there are only several hundred ponies remaining in the world. The ILC team spent time in September  familiarizing themselves with the ponies and the intricacies of the farm so they could facilitate student learning.

The ILC is excited to extend student learning beyond the classroom setting and are pleased to announce they received approval for transportation to the farm. Soon our students will be engaged in enriching volunteer work that gives back to the community. Thank you to the staff of the Villi Poni Farm for opening the barn doors of opportunity to our students!

Kimberly Sychterz