Cardinal Newspaper Club

Our club is were people take the ideas out of their heads and on to paper as a NEWSPAPER! We all came here for some reasons, some because they like pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, and CATS!!!!!!!, and cause they like the topic.


Hello my name is Trent O'Neill. I joined newspaper club because I like writing stories and I wanted to get them out of my head and onto paper. I am almost always happy unless something really bad happens. I like social activity, Shakespeare, and CATS!!!!!!



Feature 2

Name: Elyse Chun-Xi-Lin Rogers

Age: 13

Gender: female

Grade: 7

Crush: unknown

Hobby: origami, knitting, paint on the computer

Likes: electronics, youtube, family & friends, home, bed, couch

Dislikes: snakes, spiders, relationships in middle school that seem like a big deal but are the stupidest thing to overreact to.

Personality: calm, likes to laugh

Reputation: unknown

Clubs: newspaper, art, cooking, soccer

Additional information: I was born and adopted from china. Anime is my favorite thing to watch but I also love youtubers like Markiplier. All I really like doing all day is watching videos on my computer while knitting or doing origami.


Feature 3

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