Camp Invention

Camp Invention is the only nationally recognized, non-profit summer enrichment program for kindergarteners through 6th graders that is inspired by the brightest thinkers around—the Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame®.  Children are empowered to have big ideas while they take on challenges that inspire them to question, brainstorm, collaborate with teammates, and build amazing invention prototypes.  The top priority is to inspire future innovators and build their confidence in the natural ability to dream and create.

We are offering Camp Invention again the Summer of 2018!  It will take place over one week in the summer (Aug 6 - 10).   For details and to sign up your child, go to 

Through collaboration with our community sponsors, we are able to offer first through sixth graders with a fun experience where STEM learning takes center stage. 

This year, students will participate in four workshops over the course of their week at Camp Invention:

  • Optibot

    Campers will launch into the future with their own Optibot—a small self-driving bot that senses changes in light. Exploring the technology behind transportation, children will design the ultimate futuristic vehicle that might one day be reality!

    Children will:

    • Design tracks for their bots to follow while exploring different modes of transportation
    • Explore impact sensors using a small-scale crash test dummy
    • Discover how sensors are used in autonomous vehicles
    • Personalize their own line tracing robot to take home

    Robotic Pet Vet

    Animal shelters are reporting that malfunctioning robotic dogs have been popping up all over town. Hurry and tell your young inventor to grab their vet kit because there’s only one cure for these pups—innovation! Throughout this module, campers diagnose puppy problems and design and build dog parks as they hammer out ideas for the best dog park attraction.

    Children will:

    • Use tools to take apart robotic dogs and compare their inner mechanics to the anatomy and physiology of a real dog
    • Explore spatial reasoning and design engineering as they construct a dog park
    • Analyze simple machines and circuits used to make the dog move, bark and light up
    • Customize their own robotic dog to take home

    Mod My Mini Mansion™

    Campers will dream up and design their very own futuristic smart home filled with gadgets, LEDs, technology and innovation! From talking mirrors to toasters that know how to cook their favorite foods, your child will invent and build models of these smart gadgets and gizmos.

    Children will:

    • Make their own take-home mini mansions
    • Discover the Internet of Things and how smart devices are connected and controlled
    • Explore renewable sources to power up their eco-smart mini mansions
    • Change letters into numbers using binary code to create a message

    Stick To It

    Campers will invent something new every day as they explore what it is like to be a physicist, engineer and entrepreneur. Daily challenges inspire campers to bring their own ideas to the table, think big, persevere and get to the heart of what it means to be an inventor. Your young innovator will invent, make and craft solutions to real-world challenges by building their own prototypes and discovering that anything is possible!

    Children will:

    • Make their own dancing dinosaur using a mechanical gear box in the “Dance to Your Own Beat” challenge
    • Create a robotic arm to retrieve silver coins in the “Silver lining” challenge
    • Build a plush cupcake catapult in the “It Will Be a Piece of Cake” challenge
    • Explore chemistry, non-Newtonian fluids and magnetism as they investigate magnetic slime

The students are supported by Jaffrey-Rindge teachers, middle school Counselors in Training (CIT's) and high school Leadership Interns!

Quotes from 2017 families:

“Offers a safe, fun outlet for children to learn important STEM skills.”
 “Outstanding!!!! My daughter loved the program! She learned such valuable collaboration skills, and thinks outside of the box!!”
“My son absolutely loved it and will definitely be attending again next year!”
“The diversity of activities that include the STEM philosophy are wonderful!”
“Encouraged creativity. He was excited to go every day.”
“My daughter had an amazing week and is already asking to go back next year.”
“Great camp!!!!”
“Great success! Thanks!”

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THANK YOU to our Community Sponsors for the impact they provide locally!

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